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There are many reasons to join PGIB ranging from business connections to supporting conservatives in the political world.

But here are some more reasons Why Our Supporters Are Supporters

Recognized Credibility - Business, Taxpayers & Consumers trust the PGIB. The PGIB represents integrity.

Free Advertising - Depending on the level of membership, the PGIB offers free advertising which is distributed to thousands in emails and showcased at events.

Impacting Public Policy - Your support ensures you have a collective voice in partner ship with other Western Canadians. Our committees and projects address major issues facing our Cities, Provinces and Country with their reports forming the basis of our policy. We tackle issues at all three levels of government that other groups will not. We get people elected and our policies dramatically change public policy.

Helping Our Community - Your membership also helps those in communities where the PGIB is present. We feel that we need to take care of the communities that we reside. Whether it be our donations to charity through funds, Networking events and Golf Tournaments to our Conferences and Dinners we are dedicated to the communities that the PGIB calls home.

The PGIB Health Trust - PGIB offers a comprehensive benefits program that is affordable for both individually run businesses and large companies. Being a Supporter results in a discount with ISS Benefit Management. Please call Sid Helishauer at 403-667-4060.

Business Referrals - PGIB members benefit from business referrals resulting from the telephone, email and internet inquiries on a daily basis. Supporters also benefit through the networking opportunities. Supporters get direct referrals or through the website, etc/ PGIB realizes small business is big business.

To Stay Informed - Members receive free subscriptions to our newsletter, Political Action Committee updates and more! Some say our information is like taking a drink of water through a fire hose.

The Right Pages - As a corporate member of the PGIB, you will get a listing in what hopes to be the most widely used business & discount pages for members and non-members in the business community. The Right Pages is where conservatives will look first
before they purchase any product or use any service.

The PGIBW - We have also created the Progressive Group for Independent Business Women (PGIBW) which is the largest women only organization in Alberta if not Canada. Women who join the PGIB get an automatic membership in the PGIBW and
get access to their monthly speaker & networking series.

Business Events - The Progressive Group for Independent Business (PGIB) is your one stop for your networking needs & desires. The many events the PGIB presents provide you with the opportunity to connect or exhibit your business throughout your community. We also have formed many strategic alliances to gain our members access to many events!

Business & Taxpayer Advocate - Business and individuals turn to PGIB for help at all three levels of government. We are here to help and have never been accused of just having cuddle time with elected officials> We get actual policy adopted.

Merchant Visa & MasterCard. Amex and Interac Discounts - The PGIB understands that doing business can get expensive, thus, on behalf of our members we have negotiated reasonable Credit Card and Interac rates. The great thing about this program is that you do NOT need to change banks to benefit. The ONLY criteria to participate in this program is a membership in the PGIB.

Massive Car, Home & Business Insurance Discounts - We have arranged another way to keep more money in your pocket with a group insurance program. These discounts are so good that we are receiving testimonials from members who previously worked in the industry. It’s always better to be part of a group. Our exclusive provider of the PGIB is working well for our supporters. Call 403-720-2143 in the Calgary area OR 1-866-725-2143 and find out how much you will save!

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