Campaign Management

Since 1992 the Progressive Group for Independent Business (PGIB), coupled with the Canadian Leadership Institute (CLI) has managed and / or majorly contributed to over 127 campaigns and only 9 losses. These campaigns ranged from nominations, school board races, municipal, provincial, state, federal, party and private sector elections. We have also run several corporate marketing campaigns.

We do offer various services to accommodate your every need. Please note, the following are general descriptions of our services in each category, as we will not lay out all our in house strategies for free. The following merely gives you a clearer understanding of our services in that particular category. We also note that each campaign and area varies. We can and will add or delete services upon request. We can adjust our services to your shorter term needs as well ans prices will reflect these adjustments. Whether it be a nomination and / or general election, we can tailor to your specific needs.

FULL CAMPAIGN - $25,000 – This is the full meal deal where our fee includes, but, is not limited to attracting & managing volunteers, developing poll captains & teams, identifying & building coalitions, developing / delivering the campaign message, GOTV, Social Media, Copy Writing, Website and more. All who choose this package receive a detailed and tailored plan for their area with an experienced rep from our organization overseeing the implementation. Please note this does NOT include materials such as literature, office space, advertising, video, Bookkeeping / Accounting, Mass texting and Signs etc.

BOOTS ON THE GROUND - $15,000 – This includes organization & recruitment of volunteers to door knock and deliver literature to the entire constituency / ward in question. We will train and recruit these volunteers as well as ensure completion. Our troops get data at every door and will train your team how to as well.

STRATEGIC ADVISOR - $12,000 – This includes a campaign plan incorporating all aspects of the Full Campaign, but, is NOT implemented by our organization. This is ideal for the campaign that already has a trusted Campaign Manager and team in place. Advice and strategy is provided on a 24 hour basis.

VIRTUAL & MEDIA RELATIONS - $8,000 – This campaign includes a Website, Social Media presence and management, a detailed Campaign Handbook as well as advice being provided on 24 hour basis via text, email and / or phone. This package also includes Media Relations which will set you apart from your competitor.

ID OF VOTERS & GOTV - $8,000 – This package includes detailed identifying and targeting of voters, co-ordination of election day activities, use of absentee / early voting tools, organizing of phone banks, scrutineers and data management.

FUNDRAISING - $8,000 - This package has teams raising funds through personal solicitation, planned giving programs and more. We also implement a high dollar, low-volume direct mail program, upgrade current donors. This package will help campaigns by providing a finance plan and budget, allocate volunteers to this portion of the campaign and establish events / on-line initiatives and more!

SOCIAL MEDIA & COPY WRITING - $8,000 – Campaigns are won at the doors, but, Social Media helps get those extra votes that could make the difference between victory or loss on election day. We are not delusional that we are good at everything, but, we know people who are. When it comes to Social Media campaigns we have formed strategic alliances with companies that focus entirely on this form of campaigning for a living. With our strategic alliances, we can and will deliver this for you.

We will do a forensic audit of all materials and will write targeted pieces.

CAMPAIGN HANDBOOK - $8,000 – This includes a detailed campaign plan written from the perspective of a Campaign Manager and will cover all aspects included in the Full Campaign and all other packages. This package provides detailed instructions on how to achieve victory and is tailored to your areas demographics and current issues.

CAMPAIGN TEAM TRAINING - $5,000 - Each campaign is different and each campaign needs support in different areas. Once the area where training is proven needed is where we will send one of our team specializing in that particular field and teach the campaign how to convert into votes that will make it to the polls!

AUTO DIALER & POLLING – 4.5 Cents Per (completed) Call – There are not many other services that are as effective as our service (that are reliable and have testimonials to back our service up) OR you can take our Elite System for 10 Cents Per Call and have your dial out completed within 20 minutes (no matter how many numbers need to be called). Our Elite System is used by many well known elected officials, parties, governments and organizations locally, provincially, state wide or for Presidential races in the Republican Party. We can even offer world wide Robo calling. Our Elite System completes 100,000 calls in under 20 minutes. Our internet based Elite System is second to no one. We all know the saying that “you get what you pay for” and in a campaign message correction or clarification you do not have hours, it needs to be immediate. Your candidate can call into our system, email us a list and as quickly as that is done, the message is delivered and a report is emailed to the campaign. This is great for introduction, issues, polling and GOTV. Your # is the only # that appears on all outgoing messages, so we guarantee your phone will ring!. Most other services can take a day or days and are not as effective. There are much cheaper services out there and if you are working with PGIB we will introduce you to other vendors on your request.

APPROVED VENDOR & MATERIALS BROKER - We have established such great relations with printers, bill board companies, radio, TV, Sign companies Photography, Video, Legal, Bookkeeping / Accounting, Mass Texting, Phone Banks & Call Centres, Hosting, Graphics, Web Development, and a Virtual Campaign Office / Number etc... that we send so much business to that we know can provide you all you need for your campaign at MUCH, MUCH cheaper prices than you could get on your own or even party connections party!

POST ELECTION CLEAN UP – $2,000 - The election is over and whether you have won or lost, you and your team are exhausted. Our team at PGIB will meticulously clean your area of any election materials making you compliant with the applicable election act and / or By-Laws. We will gather signs, wood, screws stakes, and organize them all in a shrink wrap Post-Election Package. This package can at that time be easily stored for future use. We will, if so desired, dispose of any election materials in an environmental friendly manner that will include, but, is not limited to recycling.

We Are Your One Stop Shop For All Your Political Or Corporate Campaigns.

NOTE: The PGIB its members and / or affiliates hold completely private all customers unless stated otherwise. Most campaigns people are unaware we are even involved. This confidentiality is held during a campaign, before or any time after the affiliation to PGIB in any manner will not be discussed or associated for any campaign support unless expressed by the client in writing. IF you require other services not mentioned here, please contact us and we can fulfill all requests. We can tailor make any campaign for you.

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